Tenant Handbook

Emergency Management Plan- Tenant Manual

The primary component to maintaining a safe and secure environment at 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue is awareness and prevention.  2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Management has developed a Tenant Emergency Management Plan detailing specific information regarding 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue's Life Safety and Security Programs.   

SafetyNet Respond App 

Boston Properties makes safety and security paramount in our overall efforts to provide best in class customer service. With that mind, the SafetyNet Respond Web-based App, has been customized specifically for 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue. SafetyNet was created in partnership with AK Preparedness, an industry leader in property emergency preparedness plan development and training. The app contains recommended occupant responses to various emergency situations as well as key emergency contact numbers and other building specific information.

We strongly encourage all occupants of 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue, regardless of role or amount of time in the office, to register and save the app to the homescreen of their phone. One of the many benefits is the availability of information at all times, even without a connection to WIFI or cellular service.

To get started, simply follow the brief instructions linked here: