Tenant Handbook

Tenant Employees

  • All tenant employees are required to carry their Datawatch Card with them at all times while in the building. 
  • An access control card reader is provided at the base building doors.  Anyone wishing to enter the building must place their electronically coded security card on the reader.  The computer will check the card's code number and unlock the door if the card is valid.

  • Any tenant employee who has forgotten their Datawatch Card, or presents an invalid Card, or is found to be in possession of a Card other than their own, will be treated as a visitor and will follow the procedures below for unscheduled visitors during business hours.
  • During non-business hours, the tenant employee can use this card to access the building and elevators. 
  • All building elevators are also monitored by Datawatch.  In the event of an emergency inside the elevator, the passenger may press the button located on the service panel that will connect to the 24-hour monitoring service. The security monitor will respond to your needs.