Tenant Handbook

Emergency and Incident Reporting

In the event of an emergency, immediately call notify the appropriate emergency agency directly by dialing 911 and then call 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security at (202) 719-6975.

Even if the emergency agency is contacted directly, please also notify 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security at (202) 719-6975.  Response to the specific location of the emergency will be more timely if 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security is prepared and can direct the emergency agency upon its arrival.

If any of the following incidents occur, they should be reported immediately to 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security at (202) 719-6975:

  • Fire or smoke.
  • Thefts or other criminal activity.
  • Strangers or suspicious individuals.
  • Solicitors on the property.
  • Threats or harassment.
  • Bomb threats or suspicious packages.
  • Safety hazards.
  • Flooding.
  • Lost or found property.

The above list does not include all possible incidents or emergencies that should be reported.  The important factor to remember is:  "If in doubt...call!"

Because many emergencies may potentially impact other tenants, such as a bomb threat, it is required that each tenant notify 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security at (202) 719-6975 of any emergencies impacting their area.  After an initial impact assessment, 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Property Management will forward information to other tenants as appropriate.