Tenant Handbook


2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security serves the complex 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security Lobby Desk can be contacted at (202) 719-6975 and 2200PennSecurity@contractor.bxp.com .

Security Staff

  • 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Property Management contracts with a security services firm to provide uniformed security officers.
  • A uniformed security officer is posted at the 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Lobby Desk 24/7.
  • An additional uniformed security officer provides random foot patrols around the interior and exterior of the property and is available for response to incidents, emergencies or general requests for assistance.

Security Systems

  • Extensive closed circuit television cameras monitor various locations throughout the 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Complex.
  • Radio communication systems provide continuous contact among all security staff.
  • Public emergency assistance intercoms are located throughout the garage and provide direct voice communication to the 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Security.  A card access system provides office building access control (See Access Control Section for more information).