Tenant Handbook

Communication Services

A wide range of high capacity communication services is readily available through prominent telecommunication companies, sophisticated telephone lines, and other state of the art systems.  

IMG Technologies 

In order to keep our building riser’s systems to their optimal working condition, Boston Properties has partnered with IMG Riser Management to maintain and improve the connectivity infrastructure or riser in the building.  IMG ensures reliable voice (telephone), internet, TV and cloud service. IMG is the only vendor allowed to add or remove service and equipment between the main telecommunications equipment room (MPOE) and your suite. Tenants are required to use IMG for any cabling installation or other work in the riser.

To set up telecommunications inside of your suite with your desired provider, you may need access to the 2200 Penn Riser or Main Telecommunication Equipment Room. In order to have access, IMG Technologies will need to be contacted at least 24 hours in advance for approval. 

IMG Technologies: www.img-connect.com 

Phone: (888) 464-5520; imgservice@img-connect.com ; imgsupport@img-connect.com